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This is just a fun print that I created for the halloween season. This hawk moth is not native to North America; the native hawk moths or sphinx moths are the ones that mimic the flight of the hummingbird. Many times I've been watching what I believe is a hummingbird and later I realize it is a moth!  These moths are very important pollinators in our ecosystem,  they have amazingly long proboscis, these make them specialized pollinators and some plants depend on them to reproduce.  Unfortunately they are also the green longhorn worm caterpillar that eats your tomato plants. For that reason I grow a few extra tomato plants far from my garden to move the caterpillars there. Maybe I'm helping save not just a few moths but some endangered tree or flower that depends on them.

This is a hand carved linocut print on heavy weight acid free paper.


Why Hawk Moths are the Underdogs of the Pollinator World



Death's head moth


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