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This Sprawl linocut print shows a hilly landscape of a town, with houses closely packed together. One of the few trees in the scene is depicted with a nest made out of cassette tape, adding a nostalgic touch. The tape is entwined in the branches of the tree and stretches down to a cassette on the ground. 


Growing up in the 80s, I have some pretty vivid memories of seeing bird nests built with cassette tape. You'd come across a jumble of tangled tape lying around, and then you'd spot a bird carrying strips of it away.  It used to make me feel really sad whenever I saw these "tape nests." It was a stark reminder of the scarcity of natural materials in urban areas and the pervasive presence of human-made materials in the natural environment.

This linocut was pulled froma hand carved plate and printed with oil-based ink. The accent color on the cassette was printed with a 2nd plate.

Printed on acid free Rives BFK paper

The print measures 13x22"

paper is 20x30"

Limited edition of 75



Sprawl linocut print


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