Poppies are attributed with many meanings; I like them because they bring joy to my life, I love every stage of this flower; from the fuzzy cracked green buds that barely show a hint of a red crumble, to a magnificent bright vermilion flower with its black center and purple fluttery pistils and even when and all the colorful petals fall off... it's not over yet! Then, it swells and fills up with milk... and finally, it dies. But even then the poppy becomes a tiny cathedral procuring the continuation of the life cycle of this beautiful flower.

To create this image I first drew it on a piece of linoleum; then I carved it with gouges and knives, this is called a plate. I then inked and placed a piece of damp paper on top and ran both through a printing press. I placed the fished print on a flat surface and waited three days for it to dry, then I hand colored each print with acrylic ink and signed and numbered all.
The paper used for this print is heavy acid free white Hahnemulhe.
Image: 5x15 "
Paper: 10x22"

Limited edition of 75 prints.

I will ship this print rolled up in a tube.

This print is long and narrow, therefore I can