New website: trying my best to survive the pandemic.

Updated: Oct 24, 2020

Back in April when we thought quarantine meant hunkering down for two weeks, I was almost looking forward to spend quiet time at home and focusing on creating a mountain of artwork. I was hopeful and optimistic. I was starting my garden and online sales were picking up. Then calamity came in what seemed like a chain reaction; I busted my elbow and couldn't work for months, then my dad passed away followed by my amazing grandmother and my cousin all within a week. All this was happening while my marriage hurt by severe depression was also falling apart plus income from my summer festivals was non existent.

These shared but overwhelming feelings of concern, sadness, melancholy, anxiety, loneliness, sorrow; have had this almost shrinking effect, the world seems a lot bigger and unattainable...

I'm cooking more, drawing more, moving more, learning new skills; because the only way to keep going; is to keep going, one foot in front of the other. We can do this, I hope.

Another casualty was my old website, so I created this one.

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