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Birthday Sale and Give away

Updated: Apr 26, 2021

This is the my second pandemic birthday and yes, I am sad and frustrated but I am also grateful because despite the losses, anxiety, loneliness, and despair I am still here. We may not be out of the darkness yet but we have certainly found sparks in each other's kindness.

As my now 15 year old tradition goes, I try to practice gratitude and generosity on my birthday. Before the pandemic I used to throw a big party and give away prints to all who attended, all I asked in return was a story.

Last year, we had only been officially one month into a now 16 month long pandemic and the stories were already intense and heartfelt. We have been through so much more after that.

If you choose to participate on my birthday celebration, here are the options

1- Let's swap pandemic stories, Download the free digital print in exchange for a story, Any type of story, or anecdote, realization, anything inspired by the pandemic. You can share your story on the checkout page or on the chat box at the bottom of this page.

2- Birthday sale, get 20% off anything on my Store and Etsy shop with promo code PANDEMIC21 and Threadless (no code needed) until the end of April. Use the at checkout.

Thank you!

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