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Dead-End Prints

Updated: Jun 4

Day of the Dead Mini Print Exhibition

To enter, please fill out this google form

Important Dates: (2024)

July 5 - Digital sign up deadline

July 19 - Acceptance Notification

August 2 - $25 Participation Fee and signed agreement due

October 11 - Print Arrival Deadline

November 1 & 2 - Opening Reception


Call for submission entry $5

Participation fee $25


Dead End mini print exhibition 

 In the spirit of artist José Guadalupe Posada's critical and satirical style, which he famously used to comment on social and political issues of his time, we invite artists to create prints that explore the theme of  bad weather  in conjunction with the conventional themes and imagery associated with el Dia de Los Muertos.

This call for art is open to artists working on any traditional printmaking medium. We encourage submissions that are thought-provoking, visually engaging, and contribute to the exploration of bad weather and climate change through the lens of el Dia de Los Muertos.

This exhibition is organized and arranged by printmakers Alynn Guerra and Rebecca Rodriguez. Our goal is to build connections and engage with other printmakers as we commemorate the Day of the Dead in a less conventional manner.

We are focused on exhibiting the evocative capacity of graphic imagery in printmaking.

Alongside each print, a QR code will be displayed, allowing for direct payment to the artist, we won't be taking any percentage from sales

The exhibition will take place at our printmaking studio/gallery in Grand Rapids, Michigan during the Day of the Dead weekend.

To enter: 

Submit your entry form along with a $5 fee before July 5th, 2024. You don’t need to send a picture of your mini  print yet, only pictures representative of your style.  (scan QR code to go to the entry form)

Submission Form and participation agreement.

Upon confirmation of acceptance  you’ll receive an agreement form to be signed and returned  along with your $25 participation fee.

Mini print Format:

Maximum size of print must be 16 square inches un-matted, unframed.

Size of paper must be 7” x 7”

Prints are due October 11, 2024

Your $25 fee will cover: return postage, event promotion, exhibition expenses. We won't take  any commission from print sales.

In person delivery can be arranged.

Return of unsold prints:

Prints will be returned on November 8th, 2024. Postage is included with your application fee. Additional fee for international submissions.


Thank you!

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