Alynn Guerra

Some press

Last week my friend and fellow artist Mandy Cano Villalobos came over to my studio to “interview” me, but really it was more like hanging out like we used to, a long time ago… before we had children. She has three and gets shit done, I sometimes do too and only have one. We didn’t […]

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Commissioned print for Folias

Here is the last finished commission I did. This is a linocut print that will be the cover of a new song composed by the talented Folias Duo of Grand Rapids, MI. This was a great process to work through with the husband and wife duo, brainstorming over wine and going back and forth with […]

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Hello, welcome to my new website! This is a way simpler website than the previous one, which I used to publish myself using i-web. Remember Apple took everything down and discontinued their services like 4 years ago? Well, this is how long it has taken me to have a decent website again. So I guess […]

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